Our LGBTQIA+ kids are being attacked like never before. image

Our LGBTQIA+ kids are being attacked like never before.

Your gift of whatever amount can help keep them safe.

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Attacks on Kentucky's LGBTQIA+ kids are unprecedented

This year, 2023, has seen unprecedented attacks on Kentucky's LGBTQIA+ children and youth. From Frankfort to Murray, to Pikeville, to Bowling Green, self-righteous Christian Nationalists have turned out to take away a child's fundamental right to an education and to health care. Gangs of transphobic bigots have sought to intimidate our communities and stifle our right to even exist in this state. The hate is ugly and spreading its evil through our state.

We knew, when Rand Paul's wife led a spirited homophobic and transphobic rant at Fancy Farm last Summer, followed by a chorus of right-wing office seekers with the same evil message, that we were in for a very tough fight against the far right in 2023. Sadly, our predictions came true. And because lawmakers in Frankfort have been emboldened by their successes this year, we have every reason to expect that we will see more of the same next year as well.

But we aren't going to give up!

There is simply too much at stake for us to give in to prejudice and disinformation campaigns. We have to organize. We have to speak out with truth about our lives and our experiences. We have to touch the hearts of average Kentuckians. We have to make them see how very wrong they are about who we are!

Love will guide us. We will organize with love. We will speak out with love. We will share our experiences and touch the hearts of our families, friends, neighbors, teachers, and elected officials ... with love.

The mission of the Kentucky Youth Law Project, Inc., is to enhance and protect the legal rights and entitlements of LGBTQIA+ youth through direct, no-fee legal representation, education, and public policy advocacy. Because 40% of all homeless youth self-identify as LGBTQIA+, our goal is to reduce homelessness and promote equal treatment for LGBTQIA+ youth in social welfare agencies, government services, the courts, and public schools through Kentucky.

KYLP accepts appointments by the Court to represent LGBTQIA+ children and youth in Dependency, Neglect, and Abuse cases; we represent clients and their families is obtaining legal name changes. We advocate for public policies that are protective of the rights of our most vulnerable young people in the courts, in the legislature, in the schools, and in the public square.

KYLP attorneys never charge a fee for their assistance, but there are still court costs and expenses related to investigating and providing a top-notch legal representation. There are also substantial costs in preparing and presenting trainings to attorneys, judges, social workers, educators, foster parents, and others.

Your gift to KYLP will help us continue this vital work. If you support our mission and the work we are doing to protect LGBTQIA+ children and youth, please make a generous tax-deductible gift to the Kentucky Youth Law Project today.